May 21, 2016

50m Spider Boom


True greatness
The LEO50GTX has the same innovative spectrum of performance as the LEO50GT but is able to carry a basket load of 400 kg. As standard feature, both machines have a sensitive radio remote control for all functions, a height and width adjustable track chassis and a multi-position outrigger system.

Press HERE for the 50m Teupen Specification Sheet

Powerful track drive
The powerful rubber track drive allows maneuvering the LEO50GTX to the millimeter. It also allows to drive the lift through rough terrain, climb steep slopes and even stairs. Furthermore it is height & width adjustable: In its narrow setting that makes the lift more compact, in wide it increases ground clearance and stability. Also leveled driving alongside slopes is possible.

High-performance stabiliser system
Safe positioning even with little space: The multi-level, multi-position stabiliser system permits to automatically set up the machine in confined areas and on slopes. It offers 2 different setup positions: Both sides wide, one side wide & one side narrow. In terrain or over obstacles the stabilisers overcome a height difference of up to 1,00 m!

Rotatable basket with 400kg capacity
The “X” stands for enormous 400 kg basket load in the entire working area. Additionally the 180° rotatable basket offers more flexibility while working, for example when exact positioning on a facade or in confined areas is needed.

Safe Working Load
8kg / 19lbs
Machine Length
1.58m / 5ft 3in

Machine Width

1.98m / 6ft 6in
Power Options
Diesel, Electric

Cage Rotation

1800 degrees



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