April 28, 2016

Jekko Crawler Crane 2.7t – 13m


What is a mini crane?

Their dimensions are so contained in order to allow the easy entry through a single door or double door, depending on the model. Weights and dimensions, does not penalize the lifting capacity and the radius of work together with the advantage of having reduced loads on the ground.

Their weight allows easy transportation, a rapid displacement, the entry into elevator and the possibility to operate on raised levels of work.

Particularly suitable for lifting and application of glass courtain walls, for lifting building materials, panels, beams, and for industrial maintenance in general, can easily operate even on uneven surfaces or tiled environment due to their self-propelled car on tracks.

The mini cranes do not require long setup times so this new lifting system practical and easy to use offers great savings of time and money while ensuring a high standard of safety and lifting capacity.
Jekko has a complete range of models with diesel engine, electric or battery and a wide range of manual and hydraulic jib.

The Jekko mini cranes can also be equipped with hydraulic manipulators for glass and panels fully integrated with the functions and the safety of the basic machine.

Press HERE for the Jekko SPX 527 Specifications


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