May 7, 2016

Our Principles…..



At Rich Rigging we are not just about our equipment. We are focused on the safety, wellbeing and achievement of our people, customers and their families. We operate our business according to a set of business principles that have been developed to ensure our growth.


– On our commitments
– On our legal requirements.
– On our ongoing trust & support.
– On our service.
– On our people.

From the company’s inception we have set high standards for ourselves. Our aim is to work according to industry best practices so that we can meet or exceed our obligations.

At Rich Rigging we have a can-do approach, and we follow through….We will always go the extra mile to meet our customers expectations. If we say we will do it, we will do it!


– We consider the impact of our operations to our people, our environment and our community.
– By continually growing and improving.
– The future, Our future is important to us.

We have developed over the years with a view to maintaining growth and development in the markets we exist. We pride ourselves operating with the professionalism and efficiency normally expected from much larger company’s. Our aim is to provide an experience to all our customers, from the largest of company’s to the smallest of operators, we don’t care, we will strive to be the best supplier to our customers.


We enjoy building relationships with our customers, employees, contractors and community.
At Rich Rigging we believe that our point of difference is our service to our customers and the performance of our equipment and people. Our team is empowered to make the decisions needed to provide a superior experience to all our customers.

“We just do really cool shit”


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